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PPCHS Book Club Meets on Wednesday’s

The PPCHS Book Club meets on Wednesdays after school in the SW Regional Teen Room to help promote reading in our school and the community.   The Book Club has a book drive every year, volunteers every Friday in the Library Coffee Shop,  and earns service hours throughout the year.  This year we’ve adopted a book shelf in the Southwest Regional Library and will be creating a monthly book display.  Book Club members participate in the Broward County Battle of The Books competition, book discussions and many other activities.
For more information contact Ms. Chorzelewski at

Every Friday Book Club members earn volunteer hours opening the Southwest Regional Library Snack Shop. All the proceeds from the snack shop go to fund library programs. Here’s how much money we’ve brought in for the library:

2015/2016 $1335.66
2014/2015 $1885.26
2013/2014 $1817.40
2012/2013 $1458.60
2011/2012 $1472.29
2010/2011 $1377.50
2009/2010 $1575.40
2008/2009 $1396.77
2007/2008 $866.74
2006/2007 $1235.19

Battle of the Books

BOTB 2016_1244

Congratulations to the PPCHS Book Club team for placing 3rd at the Broward County High School Battle of the Books!  On Friday, April 8th we rode the bus to South Plantation High School where we competed against other high school teams.  The Battle of the Books competition is based on the Florida Teens Read books.  Quotes or statements from the Florida Teens Read books are read aloud and the four person teams have 10 seconds to collaborate and decide which book the quote is from.  After three rounds of competition, we enjoyed a pizza lunch, the teams were recognized and then all students received a free book.  Everyone had an awesome time!  If you are interested in joining the Book Club team next year come to our meetings every Wednesday in the Library Teen Room.

Book Club Book Drive

2015 Book Drive winners IMG_2836

Congratulations to Ms. Ferrer and her homeroom class!  What an amazing group of students!  They won this year’s Book Club Book Drive by donating 524 books and received a delicious donut and bagel breakfast.  Thank you to all the teachers and students who contributed books.  We received over 1,000 books!  The books were donated to a worthy organization, the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.  Thank you to all the Book Club members who made boxes, hung flyers, and picked up and sorted books. Book Drive was a success!

Book Club Book Drive

Mr. Fagen's 3rd period class

Mr. Fagen’s 3rd period class

IMG_2517Thank you to all the teachers and students who participated in the Book Club 2013-2014 Book Drive!  This year our Book Drive broke all the records!  The most books ever donated, a total of 4,372, and the most classes participating, 33.  This year there was a tie for 1st place!   The 3rd period classes that donated the most books were Mr. Fagen’s with 777 and Ms. Ferrer’s with 776!  They both received a Bagel and Donut breakfast provided by the PPCHS Book Club on Friday, December 6th. An honorable mention goes to Mr. White’s and Mr. Ramphall’s 3rd hour classes for bringing in over 500 books.

Ms. Ferrer's 3rd period class

Ms. Ferrer’s 3rd period class

The donated books were given to Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Memorial West Pediatric Unit and 88 books went to the Treasure Box project.  The Book Drive began on Monday, October 28th and ended on Tuesday, November 20th.  Thank you for making a difference in our community.


Book Club Fundraises for Treasure Box

The Book Club did some holiday fundraising for Treasure Box!  They went to Barnes and Noble on Saturday, Dec. 8 and did gift wrapping as a fundraiser for the Treasure Box project, a nonprofit organization that gives a wrapped gift box with a book, toiletries and small toys to needy children.  They asked people to purchase books to donate to Treasure Box and also did holiday gift wrapping.  All the money donated went to Treasure Box.  In all, 65 books were donated and $43.  Book Club has been helping out Treasure Box for a few years by cutting the wrapping paper for the gifts, but this year President Pearl Hanna decided to do more by arranging this fundraiser at Barnes and Noble.  Photos below.

Book Club’s 2012-2013 Book Drive: Best Ever!

 The Winner: Ms. Sunshine Phelps and her 3rd Hour ClassIMG_2328

The PPCHS Book Club would like to thank all the teachers and students who participated in the Book Drive!  We are grateful for the generosity shown here at PPCHS.  This was our most successful book drive ever, with over 4,000 books donated and 28 teachers participating. The winner of the Book Club Book Drive was Ms. Sunshine Phelps and her 3rd hour class with over 1,200 books!  Coming in 2nd place was Ms. Sarah Phelps and her 3rd hour class with over 1,000 books!   Below are photos of Book Club members working on the Book Drive and photos of the special bagel and donut breakfast (which the 1st place winners graciously shared with the 2nd place winners).  Thank you all for continuing our Footprints theme of helping others and making a difference in our community.  The books are being donated to Sunland Park Elementary School and the Covenant House for teens.

Book Club Book Drive: Ms. Ferrer’s 3rd hour class wins!

Congratulations to Ms. Ferrer and her 3rd period class for donating the most books and winning the bagel and donut breakfast!  The Book Club’s Book Drive brought in over 1800 books this year to be donated to Palawan High School in the Philippines!   Ms. De Turk and the Asian-Pacific Club were in contact with this school and found out they were in need of many items, including books.   Book Club and Asian-Pacific Club members got together to pack up the books in shipping boxes that are  bound for the Philippines.  A big thank you goes to Ms. De Turk and the Asian-Pacific Club, Ms. Hughes and NHS, and Ms. Oltmans and Book Club for covering the shipping costs.

Book Club Volunteers Help Treasure Box Project!

Book Club members have been begun their annual tradition of volunteering for the Treasure Box Project.  With scissors and wrapping paper in hand they began the task of cutting out just the right size squares needed to wrap the boxes for the holidays.  Members cut over 300 pieces of wrapping paper at one meeting in October!  That’s a record!  The Treasure Box Project organizers fill each box with a book, toiletries and small toys and then distribute them to needy children during the holidays.  Visit their website for more information:

2010-2011 PPCHS Book Club Book Drive Huge Success!

More than 1,000 books were donated during the Book Club Book Drive this month!  Book Club members prepared and delivered donation boxes to 3rd hour classes last month to kick off the Book Drive.  Classes were given a month to bring in gently used books.  Ms. Ramirez’s 3rd hour class had the most donated books with a total of 348!   They received a delicious donut and bagel breakfast on Friday, April 8th, compliments of the Book Club.    Book Club members have been sorting the books for donation and they are just about ready to go!  About 240 books will be donated to Better World Books and the remainder, approximately 800, will go to Broward County Circuit Court Judge Merrilee Ehrlich’s free courtroom library.  Judge Ehrlich provides free books to children ages 11-18 that are on probation and their siblings.

PPCHS Book Club Travels to Harry Potter World!

Battle of the Books

On April 26th, 2011, ten students from the PPCHS Book Club participated in the Broward County Schools Battle of the Books academic competition.  Students from Broward County high schools competed to see who can quickly recall details from the 15 books on the Florida Teens Read list for 2010-2011.  Students in teams of four have 10 seconds to recognize a quote from one of the books.  The competition was held at the Broward County North Regional Library in Ft. Lauderdale and media specialists from all over Broward were there with students representing their schools.  Each student receives a Battle of the Books t-shirt and a book!  So, Book Club members, start reading! 

From the Book Club president, Abby:

Book Club FAQ
Now, you might be wondering what the PPCHS Book Club is all about.  If, when you think of the name Book Club, you picture kids sitting around reading books at every single club meeting, YOU’RE WRONG!  We do much more than that, silly!  Here are a few questions that might be springing into your mind:

What do you do at Book Club?
At club meetings, we have fun and hang out!  We have book chats, games, crafts, fundraisers, guest speakers and many opportunities to earn service hours.

Well, why should I join?
It’s a great club to get involved in. We help promote reading at our school, and everyone can suggest a book.  We all read and discuss many different types of books, including the ones you are interested in!   Also, as mentioned before, you get service hour opportunities, and you need those!

Sounds great! When and where are the meetings?
Meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:15 in the Southwest Regional Library in The Teen Room.

Did you know?
The Book Club’s annual Book Drives have been a great success!
2006/2007     2,000 books to the pediatric units of our local hospitals
2007/2008     1,000 books to the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County
2008/2009     1,000 books to the Children’s Harbor foster center in Pembroke Pines
2009/2010     1,000 books to the Pines Charter Central Campus Media Center
2010/2011      1,000 books to Better World Books/Judge Ehrlich’s Free Courtroom Library

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